Astride with Pride Threaputic Riding Program located in Bedford VA servinvg children and adults with disabilities



"Serving Children and Adults With Disabilities"


Astride with Pride is a therapeutic riding program that serves children and adults with disabilities

Our goal to serve and help physically and cognitively disabled individuals.

Therapeutic Horseback riding helps individuals in many different ways:

  • Riders can become independent in mobility because the horse is walking for them.
  • For some riders, when the horse trots, it is the first time in their life that they have experienced what it is like to run.
  • The movement of the horse’s hips simulates the human walk and jog, therefore building muscle strength for the rider and giving them total trunk movement as if the person were actually walking.

Traditional therapy cannot repeat this in a clinical setting.

Horseback Riding has many benefits for all by:

  • improving physical fitness,
  • encouraging good posture
  • Helping with balance, coordination and range of motion.
  • Riders gain positive self-image and freedom, and enjoy social interaction with many people.
  • The horses give immediate feedback to let the rider know if he gave the correct command.

Astride with Pride operates from April to mid November, running in 6-8 week sessions depending on the time of year. Riders participate in riding lessons tailored to their needs. Some only want the socialization while others want to learn to ride. Riders are given the opportunity to participate in demonstrations, local horse shows, state competitions.